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Sidi Bou Said

Do you need to disappear from the intense routine, calm emotions and at the same time renew energy?

This apartment is one of my favorites! Every detail, friendly affection, step by step, we have been selecting pieces evoking clearly the jewel of Sidi Bou Said,  which rises in the vicinity of the capital of Tunisia, and like the city charmed celebrities such as André Gide, Matisse and Simone de Beauvoir . I guarantee that this apartment will enchant you.  You’ll find the particular white of its houses and the intense blue of the sky as if you were there. The environment collects and embraces the charm of Sidi Bou Said. An inner courtyard will make you enjoy the evenings in the privacy and the brilliant colors of the Arab cities will keep your firmware spirituality. Here you will feel a slow external pace, signal of a more intense inner life, where you can both see and contemplate youself, and everything you’ll discover you´ll fall in love. We are confident that if you come, you will return.

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Looking for freedom without fear to be judged? Are you tolerant? Flirtatious? Do you have an open mind?

You arrive to Sitges and the sea, its beaches, its backstreets, its fragrances welcome you and lead you to this corner of the old city. Visitor, Sitges greets you! Sitges is the place that fate chose to give shape to the apartments. Sitges gives you everything, and this apartment reflects precisely that; all its decoration conveys emotions of happiness. The space is dressed in an oasis of freedom and diversity where the star is the color, an explosion of blue and tones, which incite kisses with laughter and the smell of the sea, air kisses, kisses that tell a story, mine, yours, ours. Kisses that decorate the soul and make us feel alive. We invite you to experience it.

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For whom? Do you want Glamour? Do you need to chew freedom? Joy? Enjoy life?

Ibiza is party, joy and color! We have given all these ingredients to its decoration. It is white in the day with happiness and light and it is white in the night with elegance and glamour. This apartment is attractive and mysterious, its decoration increases your senses and feed the joy of live. All its corners have been carefully designed to illuminate your sensations! Small details that give each room its own personality. A small balcony to drink a tea, different fresh details to remind the sea, coral, we play with materials and textures that invite you to smile. Choose this apartment is to draw a smile on your face the whole year! For us, this smile is no longer removed.

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Contemplate the Sun and the sea from the terraces on the Mediterranean? Do you like the mystery? The transformation?

Santorini is our star apartment , because its unique and wild beauty reminiscent of the island. Santorini takes its current form after sinking the huge volcano boiler. Here you will find those small things that decorate the soul and make us feel satisfied, transforming you with breathtaking views that slowly descend towards the sea. Every detail is beauty. All the charm of the island is reflected in it. The space is divided into two floors that give way to terraces with spectacular views of the Mediterranean, where the sensations without a doubt will let appear your creativity . Dare to feel it!. We are no longer the same after spending some days in this small paradise.