Welcome Packs

  • If you want to save time by avoiding efforts and make the most of your break, we offer you the possibility of increasing leisure and the enjoyment of your vacation. How? We can provider those fresh or not products you need for your kitchen and bathroom. For example: basket of fresh products for your kitchen: bread, eggs, fruit and vegetables. Basket of products for the bathroom: Gel, shampoo, conditioner, mask, Sun products. You can also tell us what you want and we will try to accommodate your request. We will help you to feel happy. Allow us to pamper yourself !

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  • Do you fancy that we pick you up? We know from experience that sometimes you arrived tired to your chosen vacation spot and you are not wanting to take public transportation, if this is your case and you are coming by plane, boat or train, we offer you to pick you up so you feel free and relaxed from the first moment, but don't worry because from Barcelona you have trains to the station of Sitges from where you can walk (10 minutes maximum) up to the apartment. Feel free to send us your opinions, questions, and or query to us and with kindness we will help you in everything that is within our reach.
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    65 Euros including VAT


  • It is shown that one of the ways to relax is with physical and mental exercise. We propose you the best tool to do so. Yoga classes on the beach. Classes will be taught in Spanish; If you don't speak it, don't worry, since you don´t need to understand yoga, you need to feel it. You will acquire knowledge and improve aspects of yourself both on an internal and external level. I encourage you to experience it!.

  • 45 Euro per group / hour and a quarter.(maximum 8 people).


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  • If you prefer to come by car you have to know that in Sitges it is difficult to find a parking. In order to avoid problems, we have parking space for you. Book yours as we have limited space.

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    19 Euros including VAT


  • We are working on it. Soon we will inform you

  • The prices will be communicated when the service will be available.